Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Magic Mirror on the Wall SECRET PAINTING & More Fun!

First, I want to show off my newest SECRET PAINTING. I'm actually showing you before my friend Betsy receives it because I have to mail it to her and I'm not sure when she'll get it. Her baby is due on the 6th of May. She told me that the nursery was a princess theme so I decided to do a Disney Princess Themed Ikea Mirror. I hope she likes it!



The other day Bob surprised me with my own TANKER G-Scale Train car!! I'm so excited! I love watching the trains go by and I really admire the tanker cars, now I have my own! lol

This past weekend we got to go metal detecting with my cousin Steve and wife Nadine. Mom came along too! We got to detect an older property that had a house on it that caught fire earlier this year. No one is currently living in it and Steve knew the property owner so we had permission to detect. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT OUR COOL FINDS!

Oh!! And back on the train subject, Bob has been making shingles for his little G-Scale buildings. He is cutting them out of sandpaper! What a man!!!

The other night we were watching America's Top Model and I realized Bob has a Twin in the world!

NOTE: We started another blog strickly for our love of G-Scale Trains www.gscaletrain.blogspot.com

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lazy Hot and Windy Day - this means catch up day

Well, let's see, Bob's out with my cousin Steve & his wife Nadine at Merritville Speedway, I'm looking outside and it is dark and I hear thunder. Not 100% sure how long they will be out. lol

Anyways, here is a great time to catch up.

We'll start with today.

Waking up this morning to a kiss from Bob who wanted to go out and work on taking nails out of wood to burn in our fire place, I decided to snuggle back into bed for a nap. The wind was blowing hard outside and the temp. in the house was up; no not from the furnace, :o)I slept for another hour and got up and made some yummy muffins for Bob and I to share with some cups of coffee. We were debating what to do and then I got on the phone with my mom and she wanted to come over and help metal detect. My cousin came over for a visit/give advice on some house things and finally after a while Mom and I started to detect -- we went back to the house ruins on the property.

After he left, I was playing on the computer and got hungry and decided to go downstairs and grab a Yogourt and close the windows as it started to get really dark. I looked out the kitchen window to find a Bride and Groom standing on the train tracks having their wedding photo's done. Crazy! The wind was blowing really hard. I had no camera!! Bob took it with him to the races. Of all the times for this to happen. I then realized I had my old video camera which has a snapshot feature so I tried taking photo's but I know if I even find a way to upload them here they are going to come out blurry. I'll have to wait for Bob to return in order to see if I have the right cables to connect it to show you all. The first wave of the storm came through shortly after and disappeared along with the wind. It is now getting dark again and I hear more thunder. Here comes round two. lol

(UPDATED AT 12:18am Bob came home at 10pm as the race was called off due to rain so he sucessfully was able to pull these pictures off my Sony video cam)

I'll back up to last weekend - we went shopping and bought some burning bushes (I LOVE THOSE IN THE FALL!!!) and some other type of flowers along with a Japanese Maple tree. Another thing we did that weekend was have our first meal via the BBQ. Bob made us some crazy ribs!!!!!!!!!!!!! He made 5 different flavours -- let me see if I can remember all of them. There was basic BBQ, Sweet & Sour, some crazy Honey Mustard, Curry and what the heck was the last one.... I think it was another type of Sweet and Sour.... Anyways, YUMMY! We had enough for leftovers. :o)

I've started on my next SECRET PAINTING. Actually, the person knows about it, but YOU DON'T! heehee! My friend Betsy Baby is having a baby in less then two weeks. She told me the theme of the bedroom, so I'm painting something up for it. No worries, I will show you when I'm done.

Well, I had better log off the computer. The thunder is getting closer -- don't want to be on here in a thunderstorm. Maybe I'll go start working on that painting. Ohh!! Painting Class is over for the summer. We start back up in the fall - so now I'll be doing my painting at home. :o)

Ta ta for now!

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(Updated at 12:20am, as I said before, Bob's race was cancelled due to the weather, so when he and my cousin and his wife were driving back home, Bob took some storm pictures for me with his camera. I love Thunderstorms!!!)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


When Bob and I purchased the house last year and moved in, there was a fire pit at the back of the yard. It was a big ugly thing. It was full of burnt items including metal. This was going to be a big job to clean up. While Bob and I were away on our honeymoon, my cousin Steve & his wife Nadine were nice enough to dig us a new fire pit, complete with bricks and stones. It was awesome!!

We purchased a fire permit last year but never did use it. Bob purchased another one for this year and last night was the first night we had a fire. My mom ended up coming over to join us for a bit.

Bob & I with the fire pit

I started taking different photo's of the fire as it raged on and came up with some very interesting shots. They almost look like they are people.

FIRE PERSON - www.fishinthec.blogspot.com

Man standing in the fire.

Fire Lady - www.fishinthec.blogspot.com

Woman standing in the fire.

It was getting late so we decided to put the fire out and head to bed. It was so fun! Looking forward to another fire in the fire pit soon!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Secret Painting Revealed & a neato Metal Detecting Find!

Here is my work area at work. Heehee, see the Wall of Bob including a photo of the Pet Shop Boys. teehee!

It was quite a busy day today which isn't bad, but I was looking forward to coming home and relaxing, unfortunately, I was greeted with a "not so nice" note stuck in the front door stating our Gas had been turned off. WTH! Bob got home shortly after and after calling the gas company, we found out that we had not ever received a bill since we moved in due to them having a wrong postal code - they had a Niagara On the Lake postal code.... They will be coming tomorrow to turn it back on, good thing it's suppose to be warm. Okay, I guess we are to blame because we should of realized we had not received a gas bill, but we receive a lot of bills so that one basically slipped our minds, but at the same time, come on, WHY could they of not given us a warning so we knew this was going to happen? (sigh)

We needed to DE-STRESS so we called Cousin Steve up to see if him and Nadine wanted to have pizza and go Metal Detecting. Nadine was working but Steve was up for it. We headed up to the house with a pizza in hand, Steve had a fire going outside so we ate out by the fire. So nice!!

We also got to visit with Riley. That leads me to THE SECRET PAINTING. :o)

It just seems like yesterday when they first got Riley, he was sooooooo little. Well, Bob had taken a photo of him as a puppy and I knew I wanted to paint a picture for Steve & Nadine.

....and here is the painting! Steve was VERY impressed so I'm hoping that Nadine is equally happy!!! Bob said not to worry!

and as for metal detecting, here is one of our finds! Click the photo to read the full story.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a day, What a day!

Started off with me actually sleeping in until 12pm. WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? No clue. Sure I stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live which means I didn't get to bed until 1am, but still, 12PM!?!?!?!!

I was actually woken up by Bob saying my name softly, me not being able to open my eyes because I was still tired and him asking do I know what time it was. After a guessing game of starting at 9am and going in hour incriments and him telling me it was 12pm, I forced open my eyes and felt sad as that meant 1/2 of the day was gone. We were due to go to my brother's house for 5pm for Easter Dinner.

The phone rang and it was my brother stating he was coming over to pick up a card table & chair set he had brought over for New Years for us to use for our party as they required it for dinner this evening. Guess that means I have to get up and quickly dress. He arrived shortly after with my nephew Dawson and we showed them our metal detecting finds from the previous days. They were impressed. Dawson thought it was so cool to hold on to a spoon that was from the 1800's -- "How much do you think it costs?" he asked. "$7.00" Bob replied. "Woooow!!" was Dawson's response. LOL

After they left it was my job to feed Bob. No, actually, he was craving pizza but our local pizza shoppe was closed until 4pm if they were open at all due to it being Easter Sunday. I'm a good little wife, so I made pancakes. Bob was impressed, I mixed in thawed out fruit (Strawberries, Grapes, Peaches) along with some Chocolate Chips. Mmmm Mmm!! Haven't had pancakes in a long time.

We then did some work on the computer and decided to do some quick yard work before we had to leave for dinner. We noticed as Spring arrived that there were beautiful yellow Daffodils appearing in our back yard so we decided to move them to the side garden. We know they'll probably die as of now due to the move, but at least the bulbs will be there for next year. We think they look really nice. We also moved a wishing well that needed work off the covered up well and placed two garden statues nearby. We were happy with the result.

It was soon time to leave so we headed over to Marnie & Will's and met up with Mom, Dave & Kelly for a YUMMY YUM Dinner that Marnie had prepared for us. Turkey, Italian Dressing (Her Mom's Recipe), Normal Dressing, Carrots, Potatoes, Candied Turnip, Buns, Brussel Sprouts, Gravy - it was amazing. For dessert she had three types of pies to choose from and ice cream. We were sooooo full! She's an amazing chef! Mommy gave Bob and I two chocolate bunnies - one Rice filled and one Nut filled.

Afterwards we relaxed and enjoyed the awesome conversation and Will even gave us a mini concert.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday & Relaxing Saturday

GOOD FRIDAY, April 10th would of been my Daddy's 67th Birthday (RIP). He passed away January 2008. I called my Mommy up to see if she wanted to come over in the morning and do a little metal detecting in our yard and she did!! She treated Bob and I to some Timmies Coffee & Muffins. Bob had to go out to meet with the director's of a new show he is suppose to be in titled DEEP RIVER.

When Bob was on his way back home he took some photo's.

Saturday, after a nice sleep-in, we got up and headed into town to get some shopping done. We picked up some pictures frames that looked like they would match the original one I received as a birthday gift from Julie, Bill, Sarah & Emma (Center Frame). I'm loving placing the Yellow Submarine collector's cards inside. Hopefully Bob will get these frames up for me soon!!!

Our kitty Melody wanted to get into a photo. :o)

We went out for dinner with Bob's family (Mom, Dad, Sister Anne, Bro-in-Law Tim, and Nephew Caleb & Niece Sarah. We had a great time and afterwards when we were driving home I spotted a beautiful sunset. I took a shot while Bob was driving home and then once we reached home we ran out to the Train Track and Bob snapped some great photos!!!

And as the evening arrived, we heard a fire call on the scanner dispatched as an alarm going off at a local business, so we ran up the street and recorded the fire truck zooming by.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I finally got something checked off my list tonight and we bought two new (used) Wii Games

This evening we had my mommy over for dinner. I cooked a really quick and easy item -- Chicken Breast in Shake 'N Bake, then after that is done you add salsa and cheese, place it back in the oven to melt, mmmm mmm good! Oh and as a side dish just two of those Uncle Ben 2 minute in the microwave dishes. For dessert, home-made brownies. Can't go wrong with a meal like that eh? lol Afterwards we went outside to show her the house foundation Bob had dug up: SEE HERE

So, by now you must know I really love the Beatle's Yellow Submarine.

For a Birthday Gift I was given this large beautiful photo frame from very good family friends, Julie, Bill, Sarah & Emma. We were actually going to fill it with photo's of Bob and I through the years of dating but I haven't gotten around to actually sitting down going through all the photo's and then sending a request off to Walmart to be printed out, not to mention the fact that we are a little strapped for cash.

Tonight I got this wonderful idea to use these Yellow Submarine collectors cards that I had and place them in the photo frame. When I did this and brought it into the bedroom I realized that they sort of match the colours in the fabric of the curtains Bob is going to make for the bedroom. WOOOOOOOOOOOO looks like I'm going to get my wonderful colourful bedroom afterall!!

Yellow Submarine Pictures - www.fishinthec.blogspot.com

Last week Bob and I went to EB Games and traded in some of our older games and receive a nice credit. We couldn't leave the store without purchasing a couple of games. We started to play the Batman Game together which was fun -- little Lego Batman and Robin running around. Bully on the other hand is adictive. LOL It's funny, because I don't think as Bob or I as mean people, and in the Bully you obviously are playing the part of someone who is bullied or is a bully. We are just too nice to be Bullies. But secretly it is bringing back the past.... you see, in public school I was bullied, not fun. Glad I'm older now. :o) THIS GAME IS DEFINATELY not for younger kids.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


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Friday, April 3, 2009

HAVING FUN with some of Bob's work

So, while I was away at Painting Class last night, Bob preceeded to play with his scroll saw & mitre saw.

When I got home he was excited to show me what he had made.
Yeppers, his first G-Scale building. Now, mind you, it still needs some work, but he has the basic shape right and cut the holes for the windows/doors perfectly.

But then we started getting silly with them and took some funny photo's.

The following are the two sheds he made in G-Scale Size for the Garden Train Set.

And of course here is one of our crazy kitties TRIN :o)