Saturday, August 29, 2009


Our trip started on August 25th, we headed out in the morning and headed off to KINGSTON, ONTARIO. This is the cute little bed & breakfast we stayed in the first night, ABBEY MANOR INN

As you can see in the above photo, the bed was amazing!!!!

This was the amazing breakfast we were served the next morning. We had a delightful conversation with a couple from Germany who were sitting at the table with us.

We had to stop off at the KINGSTON BREWING COMPANY I had their Raspberry Beer and these deadly tasting wings, we ended up going back again the next day!

We did two ghost tours in Kingston, one was on the streets of Kingston and the next day we did one at the fort. This is one of the guides.

After our Ghost Walk we stopped off at one of the haunted pubs, TIR NAN OG
where we had some drinkies and this amazing garlic bread that had over 4 different cheeses on it. Yum yum!

The next day we headed to Fort Henry. :o) We took some tours, watched the Sunset Ceremony and afterwards we did the ghost tour there.
You just KNEW we had to take a JUMP photo eh? lol
We also posed for piccies in the jail cells.

We had a fantastic trip, looking forward to maybe going to Ottawa or Montreal next year. :o)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


First I'm showing off a FABULOUS dinner Bob took me out for of FRESH Lake Erie Perch at a place named DJ's ROADHOUSE! OMG is it ever wonderful!

Next we have a photo of an awesome unfinished pine bench I purchased off Kijiji for our upstairs. $45.00 was the price! I can't believe it. I'm soooooooooooo thrilled! Plan is to maybe stain it a funky colour or maybe leave as is. This is going to go beside our two curio's which contain the Booze. lol I want to put the bar fridge on it and store our bar stuff in it. SO HAPPY!

AND now here was have Bob posing with THE NEST -- we were watching a movie the other day and found it quite hard to actually cuddle on a couch. We decided to go to Stoney Creek Furniture and look around. We fell in love with this CUDDLE CHAIR which is called a NEST. We went home to think about it, as it is the price of a new expensive couch. Bob couldn't get it out of his mind and our first wedding anniversary is coming up Sept. 20th, so after receiving a 30% coupon from my mom we headed back and placed our order. It isn't due to come in until after Oct. 1 (apparently this is a big seller). We're excited!!!!

Finally, we have a photo of an awesome Wine Barrel we purchased off Kijiji - $40.00 thank you very much and a antique pump Bob purchased from an antique store up near Woodbridge for $40.00 and we're planning on making a garden ornament or placing it on the old well that has been cemented over. Another awesome fine!!

Tomorrow I'll try and post photo's of things we would like to use in decorating our house. We will have lived here for a year on Sept. 29th and we haven't been able to paint or redecorate yet. lol More to come, stay tuned!