Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour, Bob's Saws & Our Racing Nephew Caleb

So yesterday was Earth Day and for Earth Hour everyone was suppose to turn their lights off for the hour. We turned our lights out and decided we would go and visit my mom. We took photo's on our way there and were very very disappointed as there were lots of lights still on (sigh). When we arrived to mom's house, she had two candles burning. We sat in the dark for 45 minutes having a nice conversation.

Last year, before we put the house up for sale, we purchased a Mitre Saw. He went to use it last week as he is going to build small buildings for his train set. He came running up the stairs freaking as apparently the saw sparked and smoked and he took his finger off the trigger and the saw kept on running full tilt. He had to unplug it from the wall to get it to stop.

We had no receipt or box and called Canadian Tire where we had purchased it to be told basically they could do nothing without the receipt. We phoned Mastercraft direct and they were nice enough to issue Bob a RMA number. The instructions were to return it back to Canadian Tire, which we did on Wednesday evening. The store then told us they could give us a store credit (that had to be used right away) for the lowest sale price that the saw was sold for which ended up being $189.99 - wow, great!! Bob then purchased the following saw and used the credit and paid the additional $80.00 + towards it.

We looked at the sales flyer on Saturday that this exact saw was on sale $30.00 cheaper. I called Canadian Tire and they told me just to bring the receipt in and he would receipt money back on his card. :o)

Bob also decided to purchase (on a Scroll Saw. The first time he tried it he thought something was wrong with it.

He then practiced a bit and got the hang of it and came up with this for me:

Today (Sunday) was suppose to be a lazy day. The phone rang just before 9am waking Bob and I up, it was his sister. She wanted to come over and visit and learn the secrets to blogging. We got up and did a major clean-up of the house.

Anne, Tim and the two kiddies Caleb & Sarah arrived just after 12pm. It was great to see them -- I don't think we have seen our nephew and neice since Christmas. Too long! While Bob helped Anne with the Blog, Sarah wanted to play WII FIT. Wow, Sarah was kicking butt! :o)
Now, to Anne' Blog. She wanted to start a Blog on her son (our nephew) Caleb and his Go-Cart Racing Experience.
So I am pleased to bring you: TEAM CHAOS RACING BLOG


kim* said...

oh man i didnt even know it was earth day, but i think i am ok since i recycle all the time :)

Bob and Mary said...

I will get my Wii Fit revenge.
No one beats my high score