Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday & Relaxing Saturday

GOOD FRIDAY, April 10th would of been my Daddy's 67th Birthday (RIP). He passed away January 2008. I called my Mommy up to see if she wanted to come over in the morning and do a little metal detecting in our yard and she did!! She treated Bob and I to some Timmies Coffee & Muffins. Bob had to go out to meet with the director's of a new show he is suppose to be in titled DEEP RIVER.

When Bob was on his way back home he took some photo's.

Saturday, after a nice sleep-in, we got up and headed into town to get some shopping done. We picked up some pictures frames that looked like they would match the original one I received as a birthday gift from Julie, Bill, Sarah & Emma (Center Frame). I'm loving placing the Yellow Submarine collector's cards inside. Hopefully Bob will get these frames up for me soon!!!

Our kitty Melody wanted to get into a photo. :o)

We went out for dinner with Bob's family (Mom, Dad, Sister Anne, Bro-in-Law Tim, and Nephew Caleb & Niece Sarah. We had a great time and afterwards when we were driving home I spotted a beautiful sunset. I took a shot while Bob was driving home and then once we reached home we ran out to the Train Track and Bob snapped some great photos!!!

And as the evening arrived, we heard a fire call on the scanner dispatched as an alarm going off at a local business, so we ran up the street and recorded the fire truck zooming by.


kim* said...

we have a cemetary behind our wall. my uncle used to metle detect there lol