Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lazy Hot and Windy Day - this means catch up day

Well, let's see, Bob's out with my cousin Steve & his wife Nadine at Merritville Speedway, I'm looking outside and it is dark and I hear thunder. Not 100% sure how long they will be out. lol

Anyways, here is a great time to catch up.

We'll start with today.

Waking up this morning to a kiss from Bob who wanted to go out and work on taking nails out of wood to burn in our fire place, I decided to snuggle back into bed for a nap. The wind was blowing hard outside and the temp. in the house was up; no not from the furnace, :o)I slept for another hour and got up and made some yummy muffins for Bob and I to share with some cups of coffee. We were debating what to do and then I got on the phone with my mom and she wanted to come over and help metal detect. My cousin came over for a visit/give advice on some house things and finally after a while Mom and I started to detect -- we went back to the house ruins on the property.

After he left, I was playing on the computer and got hungry and decided to go downstairs and grab a Yogourt and close the windows as it started to get really dark. I looked out the kitchen window to find a Bride and Groom standing on the train tracks having their wedding photo's done. Crazy! The wind was blowing really hard. I had no camera!! Bob took it with him to the races. Of all the times for this to happen. I then realized I had my old video camera which has a snapshot feature so I tried taking photo's but I know if I even find a way to upload them here they are going to come out blurry. I'll have to wait for Bob to return in order to see if I have the right cables to connect it to show you all. The first wave of the storm came through shortly after and disappeared along with the wind. It is now getting dark again and I hear more thunder. Here comes round two. lol

(UPDATED AT 12:18am Bob came home at 10pm as the race was called off due to rain so he sucessfully was able to pull these pictures off my Sony video cam)

I'll back up to last weekend - we went shopping and bought some burning bushes (I LOVE THOSE IN THE FALL!!!) and some other type of flowers along with a Japanese Maple tree. Another thing we did that weekend was have our first meal via the BBQ. Bob made us some crazy ribs!!!!!!!!!!!!! He made 5 different flavours -- let me see if I can remember all of them. There was basic BBQ, Sweet & Sour, some crazy Honey Mustard, Curry and what the heck was the last one.... I think it was another type of Sweet and Sour.... Anyways, YUMMY! We had enough for leftovers. :o)

I've started on my next SECRET PAINTING. Actually, the person knows about it, but YOU DON'T! heehee! My friend Betsy Baby is having a baby in less then two weeks. She told me the theme of the bedroom, so I'm painting something up for it. No worries, I will show you when I'm done.

Well, I had better log off the computer. The thunder is getting closer -- don't want to be on here in a thunderstorm. Maybe I'll go start working on that painting. Ohh!! Painting Class is over for the summer. We start back up in the fall - so now I'll be doing my painting at home. :o)

Ta ta for now!

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(Updated at 12:20am, as I said before, Bob's race was cancelled due to the weather, so when he and my cousin and his wife were driving back home, Bob took some storm pictures for me with his camera. I love Thunderstorms!!!)