Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I hAvE nOt FoRgOtTeN mY bLoG - lOl


Hey everyone! No worries, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth yet. I haven't forgot about my blog. We have been VERY busy and I haven't kept up with the photo taking. My bad!

So let me see if I can back up and remember the things that happened (and then when I can have time, I will repost with photos).

September 20th was Bob and my 1ST YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!! We actually celebrated by going out with my brother, his son, his fiance, and my mom to Red Lobster. Yum yum!!!!! We were going to go to DJ's Roadhouse but they were closed until 4pm and it had to be a lunch meal as Bob is in rehersals for an upcoming play/musical he is going to be in this coming October. I'll reveal more about him in another blog post. :o)

September 19th was my Mom's birthday, so we had some people over for cake and to play WII.

WE GOT THE BEATLES ROCKBAND GAME on 9-9-9 - OMG is it ever cool!!!!!! LOVE IT! The first song is even YELLOW SUBMARINE. I love that in the video portion they actually come alive as the Yellow Submarine characters!!!!!!! Bob actually picked up all the extra guitars for the set. Bummer about not be able to use the 3 guitars, drum and mics all at the same time. At least you can have 3 singers at the same time in harmony. lol It makes for a wicked party game! Love it because almost everyone knows the songs.

I started back to painting class. We are all starting on a Halloween project. I decided to go big or go home but after the second lesson, found myself sort of falling behind because everyone else is painting on small pieces of tile or wood and my project is on a big honking piece of wood, plus the wood seems to suck up the paint so it is hard to shadow & highlight. I have decided to make the decision to bring that home and work on it while Bob is at rehersal and quickly caught up on a smaller piece of wood.

We're prepping for our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. Should be interesting as more people are coming this year. lol Bob and I are going to have to carve our own pumpkins the weekend before so we have room to do it. lol I'm REALLY hoping we can have it outside. Stay tuned for photos from that later on in the month along with some new jump photo's maybe? heehee, we'll see who we can get to JUMP.

Back to our Anniversary (yep, I'm jumping all around in this blog entry) we decided we would go to Stoney Creek Furniture and make a purchase. We originally went to look at BARS for upstairs and fell in love with a NEST --- lol, actually, it is a round chair that seats too, PERFECT for cuddling. Why? It's amazing for watching movies in, it will be perfect for the cold winter months, cuddling up in front of the TV with a blanket. We're placing bets how long before Trinity the kitty puts a rip in it. (YIKES)

Making a major decision with the house, last year we found out there was no insulation in the house when we had windows installed,, so we had that blown in before Christmas, so for a year our house has had ugly holes everywhere where they had blown it in. Mary wants to paint!!!!!!!! Big problem, we can't figure out what to do. It's basically light beige now and Bob and I are COLOUR people, so the ideas are endless. Time to take a stand. Also, I've been bugging Bob about possilbly (at some point) adding on to the house so we can enjoy the backyard. Right now we can only view it from a small kitchen window (the kitchen isn't one you eat in) and the Garden doors off the bedroom. For Mom's bday, she spent the night and we put the blow-up bed in the STANDING ROOM. When I was taking it apart to put away it hit me, wouldn't it be awesome to have our bedroom in the standing room, change the art room to our "Changing Room", the Dining room into the Standing room, leave the guest room as it and move the dining room into the existing bedroom and then we have our view of the backyard. Of course, when I came up with this idea, Bob was at rehersal, so three hours later he came home and I rambled for 10 minutes WHY we should do this and he just smirked and waited until I was done. YES!!!!!!!!! HE SAID HE LIKED THE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! All it is going to take now is picking the colours and moving the furniture around. Mind you, it isn't your normal thing is it, but wow, what an idea!!!!

Now I'll talk about yesterday. I had to go to a Sinus Specialist. I've been having problems since the age of 15 with my nose, breathing, always stuffed, always running, I can't remember when I was last able to breath normally. Bob came and picked me up, good thing, I was really nervous. The Doctor was nice, and Bob, him and I were joking around, so that made it easier. I wasn't too thrilled about him sticking a camera up my nose (yiiiiiiiiikes!) Anyways, basically I was told my X-ray's were normal, my nose is definately crooked on the inside (which can be repaired with Surgery if I decide to go that route), that I have the beginnings of polyps (due to a possiblity of allergies) and he is going to send me to someone for an allergy test. In the mean time, to take this Steroid Sniffer thing named Nosex or something like that. So, there you go. It should take 3-4 weeks before I see any results, FINGERS CROSSED. lol

Oh, about a month ago they started some major road work, so they are hoping it will be done by the end of October.

Anyways, enough words for now. So this will keep you busy until I take some photo's to stick with these words and then I'll repost so you can see what I'm talking about.

Ta ta for now. :o)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fellow Ghost Hunter has his own Radio Broadcast!

Funny story, we went on a ghost tour with Haunted Hamilton and were taking photos and ended up taking a few of Joe and his friends. They saw this when we posted the pictures on Facebook. Joe made a friend request and we started sending messages back and forth. Tonight he sent me an EVENT request and I see he does his own radio programs!! Check them out!!!