Thursday, April 16, 2009

Secret Painting Revealed & a neato Metal Detecting Find!

Here is my work area at work. Heehee, see the Wall of Bob including a photo of the Pet Shop Boys. teehee!

It was quite a busy day today which isn't bad, but I was looking forward to coming home and relaxing, unfortunately, I was greeted with a "not so nice" note stuck in the front door stating our Gas had been turned off. WTH! Bob got home shortly after and after calling the gas company, we found out that we had not ever received a bill since we moved in due to them having a wrong postal code - they had a Niagara On the Lake postal code.... They will be coming tomorrow to turn it back on, good thing it's suppose to be warm. Okay, I guess we are to blame because we should of realized we had not received a gas bill, but we receive a lot of bills so that one basically slipped our minds, but at the same time, come on, WHY could they of not given us a warning so we knew this was going to happen? (sigh)

We needed to DE-STRESS so we called Cousin Steve up to see if him and Nadine wanted to have pizza and go Metal Detecting. Nadine was working but Steve was up for it. We headed up to the house with a pizza in hand, Steve had a fire going outside so we ate out by the fire. So nice!!

We also got to visit with Riley. That leads me to THE SECRET PAINTING. :o)

It just seems like yesterday when they first got Riley, he was sooooooo little. Well, Bob had taken a photo of him as a puppy and I knew I wanted to paint a picture for Steve & Nadine.

....and here is the painting! Steve was VERY impressed so I'm hoping that Nadine is equally happy!!! Bob said not to worry!

and as for metal detecting, here is one of our finds! Click the photo to read the full story.