Sunday, November 14, 2010

LOTS GOING ON - 11-13-2010

Hey all, sorry for not updating this blog as often as I should.

We have been busy with Bob's G-Scale Train Layout.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Husband Looks Like a Pet Shop Boy

Bob is going to be in an upcoming play and had to go to a dress rehersal. As soon as I saw him I gasped "OH MY GAWD DUDE, YOU LOOK LIKE NEIL TENNANT FROM THE PET SHOP BOYS " LOL!!!!!!!!!! What do you think? (WINK)

pet shop boys

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy May 24 Fireworks 2010

On the weekend we got together with Bob's sister and family. We had a nice dinner and as the day turned into night we ventured into a local park (as other families in the area did) and lit off some fireworks. Bob and I decided to purchase some crazy fireworks. We spent close to $300.00 - ya, a little crazy, I know, but we haven't purchased fireworks before so we decided to go big.

One firework decided it didn't want to stand up-right when it was going off.

Bob made a movie of what happened.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More of Bob's G-Scale Train Photo Fun

So with the nice warm weather we have been having this weekend, we were able to go and get some ground covering plants from Bob's mom to transplant into the area where Bob is planning on putting up his train track. He decided to take some photo's of what he had been doing. Enjoy!!

04032010-a  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos

04032010-b  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos

04032010-g  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos

04032010-h  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos

04032010-i  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos

04032010-n  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos

04032010-p  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos

04032010-q  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos

04032010-s  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos

04032010-c  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos

04032010-l  - - Bob's G-Scale Train Fun Photos


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


As you know, I love the Yellow Submarine. I was searching around the internet and found these interesting items I would like to share with you. :o)

Yellow Submarine Painted Table - CLICK LINK TO SEE MORE FROM THE ARTIST


Yellow Submarine Lego Art - CLICK LINK TO SEE BLOG ENTRY

YELLOW SUBMARINE STAINED GLASS (Photo is copyrighted so I couldn't copy it, but feel free to follow the link to see it) - CLICK TO SEE STAINED GLASS WINDOW

Someone created their own Yellow Submarine out of Tins - CLICK LINK FOR BLOG ENTRY

Someone painted a propane tank - CLICK LINK FOR BLOG ENTRY



Awesome looking Yellow Submarine Recycled Artwork - CLICK LINK TO GO TO ETSY LISTING

Someone painted this and is selling it on Etsy - CLICK LINK TO SEE ETSY LISTING



Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More G-Scale Fun

This past weekend we decided to have a "Lazy" Weekend - which means we don't go out and spend any money. Instead we play Animal Crossing City Folk on the Wii or we get crafty. Bob decided to put his foot down and finish a G-Scale Building he started to build last year.

You remember it, don't you? If not: CLICK HERE

And now Ladies & Gentlemen, here is the "SHED THAT BOB BUILT"

G-Scale Shed 1c -

G-Scale Shed 1b -

G-Scale Shed 1a -

Bob just loves taking photos of his creations. Now, if I can just get him to build me my own Tim Hortons & Ikea. LOL

We have started a new G-Scale Train Blog -

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day 2010

Well, here we are, February 14, 2010 - Valentines Day!

But let's back up to the 13th. Bob and I decided to celebrate it a day early figuring the places we wanted to go would be busy because it was on the actual day.

We got up early and planned our day. I had heard that the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls was going to have a special this weekend where people would get to try and eat bugs. WOW, talk about romantic!!! (GIGGLE)

We jumped in the car and headed out. When we got there, the place was buzzing with people. We purchased our tickets and went inside. We were handed "bug treat" tickets so we could sample what they had. We walked over to the area they had set up and were given small sample sizes of Cricket Energy Bars (very chewy but good) and a cup of Wasp Juice (I heard it suppose to turn fat into energy) it was sweet. We were then told that there would be a BUG COOK-OFF at 12:30pm - we arrived just after 11:00am so we decided to go see the Butterflies and come back later.

We had never been to the Butterfly Conservatory before. It was magical. Thank goodness we hung our coats up earlier as it was humid inside the domed area. Beautiful plants and different butterflies and moths flying all around. Almost immediately, Bob had one land on his face and everyone that was around gasped and Bob flinched so I wasn't able to get my camera out in time to take a piccie. He was wearing Red and I was wearing Purple. During that morning he must of had 5 or 6 different butterflies land on him, alas, I only had one which was for a mere second as I was trying to take a piccie near a butterfly bush and it landed on my finger, no time for a piccie.






After an hour or so, we were done with taking photos and going around a couple of times, plus it was getting a little crowded, as we wanted to take photos and stand still so the butterflies might land on us, little kiddies started running around trying to grab them, it was no use.... we departed and decided to go see how the cook off was going.

The first treat was Crickets & Rice -- MMmmmmm!!!



The other yummy treat was crickets in white chocolate and crickets in some sort of toffee peanut butter brittle. It was equally as yummy. We were asked to vote on each item, so since we enjoyed both, we decided to each vote on one.

We decided our next stop would be in Niagara Falls again at the Bird Kingdom Aviary.






Lots of beautiful birds flying around. Loved it, but again, being a weekend, lots of kids running around trying to grab at the birds. We were lucky enough to have this one sit and let us take a photo of it close up, but as we left it, kids came running from all directions grabbing at the poor thing and it flew off. We even had the chance to have a parrot sit on each of our arms and had a photo taken (You aren't allowed to take your own photo of the parrot on you, but we chose not to purchase those photos as we decided to have our photos taken with some other interesting characters which you will see in a second).

I was sooooooo thrilled about having these photos taken I didn't mind paying the $21.00 plus to get the three. What a chance of a lifetime for me anyways. :o)




And as our day was coming to an end it was decided we would drive to Niagara On the Lake to the Angel Inn for a drinkie. We were both tired and hungry, so we changed our mind and ended up having dinner. We started off with a Beer each and Brushetta, moved on to split something called Chicken & Peach Pot Pie which came with fries and peas and carrots and for dessert, Creme Brulee. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!



For me, this was the bestest Valentines Day gift, spending time with my Soul Mate and having lots of fun!!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Painting Time

So I'm catching up on projects we started before Christmas and ended after Christmas.

As you know, Bob was in Nunsense A-Men - and reconnected with some actor friends he had when he was in previous plays (before he met me). One such friend was Ian. After meeting Ian, I made him my friend on facebook and learned he was recently engaged to a lovely girl named Laura. I decided since I was a "Theatre Widow" that means Laura would be (GIGGLE). So I added her as a friend and we got chatting through messages on and off and learned she is a big big animal lover. She had LOTS of photo's she had taken and one I fell in love with. Ian and Laura had bought themselves a St. Bernard puppy and named him Beethoven.

As you can see, this photo is awesome - he's just so adorable. I then decided I just HAD to paint this photo. I really enjoy trying to paint animals. The scary part was not knowing how Laura and Ian would react, I didn't know them well. I had only met Ian a couple of times and had not met Laura (Still haven't (GIGGLE) hopefully that will change soon. ;o)
I decided I would work on it in painting class, since I knew I would be able to work on it weekly without interruptions from everyday life situations.
I finished it just before Christmas and I we rushed to where Ian worked and waited over an hour to give it to him as he was busy with customers. He seemed pleased and the message I received from Laura confirmed it that they really really liked it.
May I present to you............ the painting of Beethoven The Puppy.

Another painting I did before Christmas was a mirror for our friend Xander's son Alex. Heather, who is Xander's wife's Mom had requested I paint a Hulk Mirror as a Christmas gift she could give to Alex. I was tickled pink at being asked. She said she really liked the mirror I had painted Xander & Heather as a wedding gift of a pirate map, so I jumped all over at the chance to paint it and again, everyone seemed super happy!


In the new dining room we went from light green to Turquoise, Red, Yellow & Purple.
LOVING the colour!!!!!!! We moved the tiffany lights into this room too. Bob finished up the Yellow Submarine Mural he made out of construction paper and hung it on the wall last night. The Giggle Sign you see, mysteriously appeared one morning this week and for the life of us we couldn't figure out where it came from. It was discovered it was my Uncle -- We were a little freaked at first so we took it down and moved it into the house, but I'm thinking by this coming weekend it will be moved back outside as when spring comes, I really want a whimsical looking yard.

My next painting assignment is another dog, this one is owned by my cousin, his wife & daughter. Hopefully I will do the dog justice. lol Stay tuned!!!