Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a day, What a day!

Started off with me actually sleeping in until 12pm. WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? No clue. Sure I stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live which means I didn't get to bed until 1am, but still, 12PM!?!?!?!!

I was actually woken up by Bob saying my name softly, me not being able to open my eyes because I was still tired and him asking do I know what time it was. After a guessing game of starting at 9am and going in hour incriments and him telling me it was 12pm, I forced open my eyes and felt sad as that meant 1/2 of the day was gone. We were due to go to my brother's house for 5pm for Easter Dinner.

The phone rang and it was my brother stating he was coming over to pick up a card table & chair set he had brought over for New Years for us to use for our party as they required it for dinner this evening. Guess that means I have to get up and quickly dress. He arrived shortly after with my nephew Dawson and we showed them our metal detecting finds from the previous days. They were impressed. Dawson thought it was so cool to hold on to a spoon that was from the 1800's -- "How much do you think it costs?" he asked. "$7.00" Bob replied. "Woooow!!" was Dawson's response. LOL

After they left it was my job to feed Bob. No, actually, he was craving pizza but our local pizza shoppe was closed until 4pm if they were open at all due to it being Easter Sunday. I'm a good little wife, so I made pancakes. Bob was impressed, I mixed in thawed out fruit (Strawberries, Grapes, Peaches) along with some Chocolate Chips. Mmmm Mmm!! Haven't had pancakes in a long time.

We then did some work on the computer and decided to do some quick yard work before we had to leave for dinner. We noticed as Spring arrived that there were beautiful yellow Daffodils appearing in our back yard so we decided to move them to the side garden. We know they'll probably die as of now due to the move, but at least the bulbs will be there for next year. We think they look really nice. We also moved a wishing well that needed work off the covered up well and placed two garden statues nearby. We were happy with the result.

It was soon time to leave so we headed over to Marnie & Will's and met up with Mom, Dave & Kelly for a YUMMY YUM Dinner that Marnie had prepared for us. Turkey, Italian Dressing (Her Mom's Recipe), Normal Dressing, Carrots, Potatoes, Candied Turnip, Buns, Brussel Sprouts, Gravy - it was amazing. For dessert she had three types of pies to choose from and ice cream. We were sooooo full! She's an amazing chef! Mommy gave Bob and I two chocolate bunnies - one Rice filled and one Nut filled.

Afterwards we relaxed and enjoyed the awesome conversation and Will even gave us a mini concert.


kim* said...

oooh lovely feast. I just went shopping, i treated myself for once. My mom had to work, no parties today. Stopped by my grandparents for a while too. Glad you had a fun one.