Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Allergy Test

So, yesterday I had to go for an allergy test.

For as long as I can remember my nose has always been plugged and runny. Blah

I decided the last time I went to my regular doctor to tell him about it and he sent me on to a nasal specialist. I had to have sinus x-rays done and then when I went to the specialist he prescribed me Nasonex and told me my problem was probably due to allergies and he would send me on to an allergy specialist. (Plus I had pylops forming due to the allergies)

Bob and I took the day off work and we went early to the doctor's office and sat down in the waiting room. There was another lady beside Bob who obviously had just had her test done and was waiting for results as the sleeve of her shirt was rolls up and she kept looking at her arm. I quickly glanced over at it and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. About five minutes passed and she let out this gasp "OH MY GOD". Bob and I quickly looked over and she had a series of large imflammed looking dots appearing on her arm. She told us she seems to be allergic to everything. She was being tested for food allergies. Poor soul!!

After a while it was my turn. I followed the doctor into the observation room and he said "I can tell you are nervous, are you?" "NO" I quickly replied. He got a smirk on his face "Come on now"... "Yep, I am" He laughed, "I knew you were" and after a quick conversation about my history he started to take out these little bottles of liquid and squirted a little bit in area's all over my arm. He told me he was going to test me for environmental allergies. I relaxed, "Thank goodness" I thought "No needles" well, that was short lived, because then after he took a pen and marked where each dot was, he started to prick each wet area........... ugh........ LOL

After he sent me to the waiting room where within five minutes my arm started to itch like crazy and get all bumpy and red. I wasn't allowed to scratch it. Bob kept grabbing my other hand so I couldn't scratch. lol 20 minutes later I was back in the observation room and the doctor looked at my arm "tsk tsk tsk" "this is bad, there are a lot on your arm" Eeek!

He gave me a quick run down on what I was looking at, basically, I'm allergic to cats, dogs, horses, pollen, dust and the big one, MOLD.
He said to keep taking the Nasonex and within 3-4 months if my symptoms aren't gone, then I have to go back to see him and we'll talk Allergy Injections "YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Did I mention I hate needles?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NUNSENSE - A-MEN @ the Port Mansion

I was inspired to paint this after seeing
at the Port Mansion Theatre
in St. Catharines, Ontario, CANADA
and plus I love Raving Rabbids. LOL

Bob was in this show for the month of October into November.
It was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

905-934-0575 ext 226
PORT MANSION THEATRE 12 Lakeport Road, St. Catharines