Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wow - our photo is in a local newspaper - WOW - I have driven on the Highway 3 times by myself!

So, remember me telling you about Bob and I heading out to Tufford Road to welcome a Fallen Soldier by the name of Cpl. Tyler Crooks home while we stood on the bridge overlooking the QEW? If you have forgotten, CLICK HERE

We thought we saw someone else taking photo's of the group down below, I guess it was a local newspaper photographer. This week in one of our local newspapers we receive WEST LINCOLN NEWS - we found this photo and Bob spotted us right away.

Were you able to spot us??? No?

Here you go, here is Bob and I. We actually are blended together, he's tall and I'm small.

And as for other news, I'm a big whimp. Really I am.
I got my driver's licence late in life and then proceeded not to drive -- but that wasn't my fault entirely, we will call that my PREVIOUS LIFE and won't go there. BUT then I was forced into a situation where I had to drive. With the help of my Daddy & Mommy I purchased a car and was given the courage to drive alone to work. Once I met Bob, I was okay driving (to work and home, home and work, Bob's house and home, etc...) but last year Bob actually got me on the highway once or twice - hated EVERY MINUTE of it. 100 is much faster then 80 --- 80 I'm comfortable, 100 I feel out of control, plus the fact I had two Transport Trucks ride my butt to the city honking their horns. Hey, I was doing the limit of 100 - not my fault they were doing 120 - 125.
So there I chickened out and went back to my old way. It typically takes me 20 - 25 minutes or longer to get home just on the normal route, lots of traffic to contend with. This year I knew I had to learn the highway. After a couple of bumper to bumper traffic on my old route, not to mention having a car clip my mirror while I was in stand-still traffic, it peaved me off. I wanted to get home quicker.
So, I got the courage to try last Friday. (Actually, all thanks to the PET SHOP BOYS newest song ALL OVER THE WORLD - has a wonderful sound) I was taking my normal route but there was an entrance to the highway nearby and for some reason my steering wheel turned in that direction and before I knew it I was doing 100, my heart leapt up into my throat and my legs started to vibrate and then tense up. "OMG, what am I doing?!!?!? I have to do two merges, PLEASE GOD don't let there be anyone in the lane I need to get into" and there wasn't. BUT MAN, did the traffic ever catch up to me and pass. Wow................ why do people go super fast.
Tuesday and Wednesday I did it again, might as well get use to it eh? I shave approx. 10 minutes off my drive home. This time I took an entrance closer to my work place. It seemed calmer to get on, but on Wednesday here came a BIG RIG in the lane I had to get into and the onramp was ending. THANK GOD Mr. Big Rig got over at the last minute for me.
So there you go, I now have succeeded in driving on the highway 3 times. I go from one highway to another and then home. The next step will be to take the highway to work and maybe to another exciting adventure. Maybe I'll help Bob drive up north, wouldn't that be something. Mind you, I'm not ready to tackle Toronto Traffic, I'm sure. Maybe IKEA will be in the works. Teehee!
Tonight is painting class, hopefully get one step closer to finishing another SECRET PROJECT for an unexpecting couple Teehee