Friday, March 6, 2009

Yesterday's Adventures

So as you know, yesterday was Bob's 39th Birthday! Of course we both spent the day at work.

Bob phoned me up in the morning to tell me his parents had made a special trip to his office to present him with a cake complete with a train on it and to give him a card. I made sure he promised to bring me home a piece after work. lol

When the work day was done, it was decided we would go to Subway for a yummy sub and grab a Timmies coffee for dinner.

We had tickets to the Ice Dogs game for 7:30 pm (You can click the ICE DOGS PICTURE to go to their link)

Before the game started, they did a moment of silence for a local Lincoln & Welland Regiment Soilder Warrant Officer Dennis Brown who along with two other soilders were killed Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 by a Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan. (Click his picture to read some newspaper articles on him from the St. Catharines Standard). I had actually met him once a long time ago.

Story on the funeral for Warrant Officer Brown.

Photo's of Warrant Officer Brown.

The hockey game was intense. They were playing the Brampton Battalion. Click here for the whole play by play of the game.

During the game play they would address the fans to look to the large screens that showed the game as well in case you were in a seat that couldn't see the play and they would do this KISS CAM and focus in on couples live and get them to kiss. One couple didn't. LOL

They also announced Birthday's and I was lucky enough to contact The Ice Dogs a month before requesting they post Bob's birthday and they did along with announcing it, unfortunately Bob was looking at me when they flashed his name on the screen, but he did hear his name. I received a kiss for that.

Unfortunately The Dogs did not win. :o(

Really hoping we can hit another Ice Dogs game sometime. They are really good games!!!!!

Hoping Bob's "Secret" birthday will arrive today!!! (FINGERS CROSSED). Tonight we are off to my Mom's to have a mini birthday dinner for Bob along with my brother, his girlfriend and my nephew.


Bob and Mary said...

You keep torchering me with this secret gift.
I can't wait

Beth said...

Sounds like a great birthday. I love the train cake--it is so fun!