Sunday, March 22, 2009

Woo, my first Train Car and Bob created new items for his G-Scale Garden Train Set

Bob has been in love with trains since before I knew him.

When I first met him, he showed me a train set he had created out of Lego. When we viewed the house we ended up buying it was right near a train track where freight & passenger trains race by numerous times during the day. When we hear the train horn he runs to the window to watch. lol Stay tuned as we are hoping to one day set up a web cam.

When we started dating there was discussion of starting our own train set but it would be HO, but then it was decided we would go bigger to G-Scale.

We certainly have the room at the new house location as the yard is a lot larger.

Bob has been busy working on his own creations for his train set.

His newest creation was with the little pallets he made out of popsicle sticks he then created tiny beer cases to go in his train car complete with wrapping over top.

Bob's passion is German Train Cars.

Watching the freight trains go by in the back yard made me think it would be so cool to have a CN train set. It would be awesome to copy what I see go by daily. Bob is very excited that I'm beginning to like what he likes (trains). So I purchsed my first train car.

A Grand-Trunk Box Car -- mind you, we don't see this in our backyard, but since it was on sale at a train store we were at, it was the perfect car to purchase.

This afternoon we went on another Metal Detecting Adventure -- click here to read up on it.
UPDATE: All G-Scale Messages can be found in our new blog


Bob and Mary said...

I"m excited about your traincar