Sunday, March 15, 2009

A day at Prudhommes Wet 'N Wild / Victoria Hall in Vineland Station, Ontario, Canada 03-15-09

The weather was to be awesome today so last night it was decided we would go metal detecting with Steve & Nadine. The phone call came around 8:30ish asking to meet them at a local Tim Horton's for breakfast. After our showers we headed out and beat them to the coffee shop. After a fun discussion about where we should go, we jump into our cars and drove around to the old Victoria Hall as it had caught on fire in the early hours of March 10th.

If you click the above photo it will take you to a photo album I took of more photos of this building.

And a following is a video that a good friend of my brother's (Bryan) took along with more photo's of the actual fire when it happened.

We saw other people inside the old Prudhommes Wet N Wild Park where I had worked one summer as a teenager so we decided to pop in and take some shots. SO weird!!! Everything is overgrown, very sad.

Click the photo above to go to my mini album of how the park looks now.

This is how it looked prior

After walking around and reminiscing we decided to go metal detecting.


After hours of detecting and including a nice coffee break thanks to Nadine, Bob started to feel weak since we really had not eaten anything all day except for a muffin. It was decided we would part ways and go off in search of food and head for home for a nap and a day of relaxing and painting. After all, I had a special request for a painted frame, so I should get that finished before the end of the day and Bob is practicing his Guitar Hero.


Linda said...

Wow that takes me back. My family went to Prudhommes in the 60's and I remember it well or at least what I remember in my memory seems vivid if not accurate.
BTW thanks for the birthday wishes and back at Bob for his bd too.