Saturday, March 28, 2009

We LOVE Suitcase In Point - 98th Big Time World Theatre Awards

Bob & I REALLY enjoy going to the SUITCASE IN POINT theatre shows!

Bob introduced me to this theatre group when we started dating in 2005 - it was NONSTOP laughing which is a good thing!

We decided we would go to this event and invited our friends Heather & Xander along. Unfortunately, Xander could not make it due to work commitments.

After having a yummy pizza dinner at Heather & Xander's house, we headed off to the show as the Red Carpet was suppose to start at 7pm but ran a little later.

Bob, Myself & Heather

The Paparazzi showed up.

and then Sage & Rosemary arrived to talk to everyone who showed up. Deanna Jones & Natasha Pedros (Suitcase In Point) -- reminded me of like a Joan Rivers interview.

We got ourselves some drinks and some good seats and waited for the show to begin.

Our show started with Trevor Enns (Suitcase In Point) as Master of Ceremonies.

The show was awesome as they did it as an Awards Show, instead of having the "snippits" of shows / acts that you would normally see on a big screen, the actors each acted out the snips themselves live. :o)

Edwin Conroy Jr. & Deanna Jones

After the show, Bob found Joe Lapinski and I got to have my photo taken with him!! Really love his album SUNDRIES

And then I scored a photo op with Deanna Jones as she was serving food after the show. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmm good!!! (The food was provided by: The Spotted Calf, The Office Tap and Grill, Strega Cafe and The Merchant Ale House.)

We weren't able to stay too late, but we heard there was a wonderful after party complete with a band that Joe Lapinski plays with.

Here is a sample of what we saw at the show:

Hopefully next time I'll be able to get more photo's with people from Suitcase In Point. Sometimes it sucks to be so shy! (BLUSH)