Monday, March 9, 2009

The SECRET GIft has arrived and I ordered a Custom-Made Messenger Bag

This morning when I logged onto the internet to track and see if Bob's present was near I saw it was indeed in Canada which means it would probably be delivered today.

AND IT DID!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom gave me the call to say it had been delivered and the guy had indeed paid good money to have it delivered in time for Bob's birthday but it had not arrived in time. I hope the guy gets his refund back for that.

As you can see, Bob's surprise gift was a G-Scale Tardis for his Garden Train Set. It came complete with decals to attach, a blue light and the lid comes off so if Bob wants to do some wiring he can have the light flash. We need to paint it blue of course. Bob was so happy when he saw what it was. Mary did good! LOL The little guy with it was one of Bob's train people. I'll paint him up as a little Doctor Who guy at somepoint.
Speaking of trains, here is a cute little Train that Nadine & Steve gave Bob for his birthday.

I'm also super excited as I ordered a custom-made purse from Etsy with a Yellow Submarine. I haven't received it yet as it was just finished this weekend and will be mailed tomorrow I'm told. Hippie Strips was kind enough to send me some pictures of what it looks like:

Bob was so impressed now he's debating whether to order a bag for himself for his Orchestra Sheet Music. lol

I'm soooooooooo thrilled and excited by what I see I can hardly wait to receive it and start using it!! One of a Kind!! WOO!!

NOTE: We are moving all our G-Scale Train Posts to our new blog


Anonymous said...

You all seem like you'd be hoot to hang out with!!

Bob and Mary said...

We'll have to get a nice blue stain for that and a pulsing light circuit.