Sunday, March 22, 2009

Received my Yellow Submarine Bag, I love Ikea & Another Fun Day Metal Detecting

So, on Friday, I received my Yellow Submarine Messenger Bag which I purchased from a store on Etsy named HIPPIE STRIPS I had researched some stores that sold a Messenger Bag made of materials I liked and came up with her store. I told her exactly what I wanted and voila, she did it!!

On Saturday morning we got up and headed out to IKEA -- LOVE THAT STORE!!!!!!!!! The house we moved into is basically like a blank slate and we are thinking of idea's of how to decorate it. Bob's old house was full of colour and we want to do that with our new house.

The following are photo's of items that we really liked. Not sure if we'll incorporate them into the house we are in. We'll see.

First, in our upstairs "party room" we have a bar fridge. We were looking for something interesting to stick upstairs and put the fridge on.
Bob really liked the above but it is too tall.

This might work, but really isn't colourful.

This definately would need a staining or paint job.

We saw the following and instantly thought it would be in our kitchen if we ever had money to add on to the side and redo the cupboards.We loved the colourful dishes they had!

This was very cool -- they were pieces of fabric on Canvas.

Very colourful carpet!

This would be perfect for the front porch and has storage undernearth.

Again, very nice and colourful!

Since we don't have closet space, this would be perfect for hanging coats on.

Bob also wanted to look at items for the bedroom.

He really liked the colours here! It wasn't in our budget for this month.

This would be cool if I could paint it a bright colour!

This would of been good for the bedroom side table but it is way too short.

I LOVE this yellow cabinet!!!!!!!!

Some crazy throw pillows Bob really liked.

Some more fun colours!!

I actually overhead a man telling a woman how cool he thought my Yellow Submarine Messenger Bag was and another lady stop me to ask if I had made it. :o)

We then went home, packed the car and headed off for our Metal Detecting Adventure.