Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Local Music Talent for the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Now it is time to introduce you to some local muscians who live in my neck of the woods. :o)

Ceol Cara, pronounced (“key-OLE KAR-uh”) is an Irish (Gaelic) phrase meaning “music friend ”.
The band formed in early 2005 through newly bonded friendships with the sharing of music at song circles. The four band members each currently live in the Niagara area and have been active in the music scene for many years. Everyone contributes vocally in rich textures and harmonies covering a variety of Celtic, Traditional, Shanties and Canadian music. Known for their personalities on stage and the fun and energy that they have performing together, Ceol Cara continues to grow in popularity around Southwestern Ontario.

I was actually introduced to them because I work with one of the group members. I first saw them when they played at a Piratefest in Toronto a few years ago and they were totally amazing. I then saw them again at the Grape & Wine Festival in St. Catharines and then again at a friend's wedding. You can normally find them out and about at different bars, etc... playing for small to big crowds as everyone seems to enjoy their music. One of their fun songs is titled TIGHTY WHITIE MAN. They are currently recording for a CD - so stay tuned for that! Also, here is their schedule to see them live.

Next we have the great Joe Lapinski (giggle).

I was introduced to him back when I first started dating Bob (2005) and saw him perform in a theatre group named Suitcase In Point . I'll never forget, I really really enjoyed the show that I contacted the group to tell them so and Joe wrote back thanking me. I went to another show later on where Joe (which I didn't know at that point) was going to perform musically and he actually recognized me from MYSPACE (when I was using that site) and he remembered I liked the Pet Shop Boys. So as time went on, I found out he had his own album along with one he had with a group named The Regards. After listening to some previews of songs on Joe's SUNDRIES album I knew I had to have a copy. I purchased one and even had it autographed by Joe! (GRIN) I love all the songs off the album but my favorite by far is SONG FOR DIGGING. Maybe it is because Bob and I love to Metal Detect. lol Here is Joe's Schedule.

And last but not least we have Michael Wainwright.

I first saw him when he was playing with The Caverners. He was John Lennon. Who doesn't love the Beatles?? You can also see some video's shot from the Grape & Wine Festival in St. Catharines. But that was just the beginning. I didn't realize until we bumped into him at the Ringo Starr concert at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls last year that he did solo work. Bob recognized him when we let out from the concert and we went over to him and I was quite shy. Bob said he knew his brother and they went on talking and that's when Michael told us about the Guitar and a Car Tour. I even got a hug from Michael. (BLUSH) If you have time, you really have to listen to his music and take the time to watch all the video's he has for the Guitar and a Car Tour!! Very very interesting stuff!!! Here is his schedule.

And there you have it, I'm sure there are hundred's of other local bands, but these three are my favorite so far! Here's hoping they get nominated for the Niagara Music Awards 2009! It would be so cool if their music could be played on 91.7 Giant FM radio station!

Keep up the great work lads!!!! Keep those hits coming!!!!!!!