Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Fab Four Meet Up Together & Awesome Finds for me at Value Village

Ladies & Gentlemen

Well, here you have it, the Fab Four together once again and in my "standing room". Yep, Bob and I have a standing room in our house. He calls it that because we don't have any furniture in it. It actually has come in VERY hand that way. We had extra room to place another table of 6 for Christmas Dinner and on New Years Eve we had a party and people brought their blow-up beds and it was an extra room for that.

I still have to varnish them. Ringo is done, George needs one more coat, Paul two and John three. I'm pretty impressed.

Next I want to brag about some fab finds at Value Village. I can hardly wait until it gets warmed out for me to wear the shirts.

I also found this (I took a photo of the front and back)

And last but not least, this awesome fun-fur purse!!
I just love it, it is so soft!!!