Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back on 02-12-09 we had a Weird Power Problem in Jordan Station

The morning of February 12, 2009 the wind was howling outside. Bob was in the washroom getting ready for work and I decided to put some items out in the recycle box. As I was outside I could hear some weird electrical noise in the distance while the wind was howling through the trees. I noticed the outside security light was flickering fiercely. I walked back into the house to see the lights all dimming down to equal what you would call a brown-out and then coming back on full-force. Bob yelled from the bathroom "What are you doing?" because our bathroom doesn't have windows so the room he would of been in would go completely dark as the power would shut off and back on. I ran back outside and saw a blue flash above a tree in the distance. I ran down to the top of the street to see a power line arching. I ran back to the house to grab the camera and then ran back to the top of the street to record this:

When I got back to the house the power was still flickering wildy. Bob and I ran around the house unplugging anything that didn't need to be plugged in and decided we better head to work or we were going to be late. We then decided to stop nearby where the arching wire was but far enough a way so we wouldn't get hurt and Bob took a series of snap shots with the camera and was lucky enough to come up with this one: