Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When I first started dating Bob, in 2005, he told me he was acting in a show that could possibly hit the tv stations in the future titled ABOVE NIAGARA. It was all shot within the Niagara Region.

One day he had to go and do a film shoot and asked me to come along. I was just going to be on the side-lines watching. It was a cool afternoon and it was starting to cloud over. We got there early. The scene was with the Mayor (Janine Heaven)* of "Port Niagara" along with the Mayor's Assistant "Bob". There were suppose to be a bunch of extra's pretending to be the media interviewing the Mayor. Robert "Tanos", the director, showed up with his crew and cameras and started setting up. A few more extras showed up but there weren't enough. Bob introduced me to him and "Tanos" asked me if I would mind playing an extra. I had no experience acting since I'm quite a shy person in real life. What the heck, might as well try. I agreed. My job, take a camera and just pretend to take photo's of the interview. It was fun!!! Mind you a while later when I actually got to see part of the show, I wasn't on screen for very long and it was my back (and I was 30 lbs lighter) ROTFL!!!!!!!

I was asked again to play a part as Bob's assistant in a town hall meeting, and I didn't have lines, but as the rest of the cast and extra's left, they did a close up of Bob asking me out for a drink and I had to respond. (BLUSH). Another time was a scene for a Halloween Party. I was told once again just to be an extra in the background playing a game with Bob, etc......... but again at the end of the night, Bob's big part came up and he was having a conversation with another character. Next thing I know, "Tanos" is saying "Say this and say that", etc...... LOL -- my big break! Shy little Mary is acting reciting lines.

The show is still being compiled and Tanos has added a new twist. He is actively searching for more positions to be filled. This you are interested? CLICK HERE and then click on the menu selection CASTING.

There currently is a FACEBOOK GROUP as well.

* Janine Heaven is the offciant who married us - looking for an officiant? CLICK HERE


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