Friday, February 20, 2009

Backing up to Valentine's Day 2005

My very first Valentine's Day gift from Bob.

I was in shock - I was so excited, I couldn't believe someone actually made me something.

Here's what the sketch was based on.

and here is the sketch

He knew I loved the PET SHOP BOYS so much, so he sketched me a picture of them and it isn't small.

Maybe you'll like the Pet Shop Boys too -- check them out:


Belua Designs said...

That's a lovely valentines present! The Pet shop boys are great :)

StudioCherie said...

Mary, how sweet is that? Maybe next time, he can draw you in there between the boys!

hollyzhobby said...

That's great.

Audrey said...

Ok- I finished the tag!! Thanks so much and have a great weekend!!

Mimibuggy said...

That is really cool!