Monday, February 16, 2009

John Lennon joined us at the end of Family Day

Hi everyone!

Had a long wonderful weekend with Valentines Day & Family Day.

So after we got home this evening from a wonderful dinner prepared by my brother's girlfriend at my mom's house, I really wanted to work on my John Lennon chair. I had base coated him yesterday evening and so I really wanted to get him finished before the weekend was out. I actually was done painting at 11:30pm just as the evening news finished up.

His colours are a little wild (I really thought my brother might get upset with me as the chair is pink) LOL!! Oh well, Bob thinks it looks fab. I'll have to take a photo tomorrow of all the FAB FOUR together. I want to get them all sealed before March 5th as we are helping host a Guitar Hero World Tour party and I would love for these chairs to be used at the party.

My next big project will be to work on the table. I'm debating what to do. I know I want to paint each leg a different colour (based on colours I used on the chairs) but I'm debating to paint on the top. Right now, it is just plain wood -- but it is going to be my Art Room table, so thinking that it might get "well used" I'm thinking of not putting too much work into it and then focus painting other pieces of furniture such as TV tables, etc... maybe even a dresser in the bedroom.

I'm so thrilled I was able to knock off four chairs so quickly. I love painting!!

Pillows in the background purchased from this shop: