Friday, July 24, 2009


Last night while we were making dinner, Bob was looking out into the back yard and started yelling "QUICK, GET YOUR SHOES ON, WE HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE?" "What!?" I questioned? I was thinking it was another baby bird he spotted. You see after getting home yesterday he had found two baby birds in the drive way, one dead, one still alive, it's feathers only just started forming. We placed that bird in a large recycle box on its side with paper towels in hopes her momma would come and find her.

As I scrambled to get my shoes on Bob said "It either is a giant crab or a giant spider" ??!!??!!? Giant crab? The only crab like things that are in our area are Crayfish and I doubt anything like that could get to our neck of the woods. As we went out into the back yard, I could see something black flapping around in the grass. IT WAS A BAT. I froze, why is there a bat awake in the middle of the afternoon flopping around on the grass. Does it have Rabbies? We quickly located a bottomless birdhouse in the garage and placed it over the bat. Bob phoned the local humane society to find out what to do. They suggested just leaving it there as it might of just fallen out of the tree. Bob started making dinner again and I went out with the camera to take a few piccies and remove the birdhouse. I lifted up the birdhouse and the bat was no where in site. Okay, maybe it escaped the hole in the birdhouse, then it hit me. I turned over the birdhouse and low and behold the little guy had somehow crawled up inside and was hanging upside down. (GIGGLE) I snapped a few piccies and propped it up on a planter near a tree so he could escape during the evening.

UPDATE: This morning the bat was gone and the bird was still alive. We moved the bird to the crotch of the tree we think it fell out of and he was peeping but didn't seem hungry. Hopefully momma will find him there.