Saturday, July 18, 2009

My PET SHOP BOYS dilemma!

Here's my dilemma.....

The PET SHOP BOYS, who have been my all-time favorite music duo in the whole world is currently on tour and I was so excited to see on their official web site that there would be a Toronto Date in August. Unfortunately, for the past few weeks, it has been noted as TBA. While I watched all the tickets go for sale on all the other places they would be playing, I've been waiting for the announcement of the Toronto ticket sales.

Annie, an internet pal of mine notified me a few days ago that the "Toronto" date had been announced, it ends up it isn't in Toronto, but above it, which is approx. a 3 hour drive from home. They are in the line-up for the Virgin Music Festival -- great!

There was an announcment on the site that one could purchase VIP tickets which would basically give one a chance to do the "Front of the Line" thing and get prime viewing. Guess what, it's $275.00 a ticket...... that means, $275.00 x2 plus finding accomodations for 2 evenings, gas, food, etc.... all just to see my fav. group int he world. Thing is, Bob and I can't afford such an outing..... I feel so sad! I've always support the PSB by buying their cassette tapes, Cd's, video's, merchandise, even joined their fan club for a while, and of course gone to their concerts when they came to Toronto.

I logged online to see if the VIP tickets were for sale at 12pm today (as noted on their web site they would be) and low and behold there weren't any VIP tickets for sale for the Ontario gig. See, I don't want to go all the way out there with just a "plane jane" ticket with the risk of not even being able to see them because I would be at the back of a crowd....

So, I went on TWITTER and sent the Pet Shop Boys a message....

and when I logged online today, I had a reply!!!!!!!

Now, what did their reply mean exactly....... "Still waiting for details" does this mean that they might not be playing at the festival? Maybe they'll end up playing in Toronto?? That would be great!! I could make it to Toronto! Maybe they could come to the Niagara Region???? (BIG GRIN) Wishful thinking, I know.... but a girl has to dream, right?