Monday, May 18, 2009

GHOSTING HUNTING - what a rush!

WE LOVE Paranormal related shows, and have been trying to catch as many episodes as we can of Paranormal State (with Chip Coffey), Ghost Hunters, etc....

Saturday, May 16th was the evening that the GROUP OF 11 would meet up and enter the CUSTOMS HOUSE in Hamilton, Ontario to attend a GHOST HUNT that Haunted Hamilton was hosting.



The group of 11 included: myself, Bob, Andrew, Nadine, Steve, Kathleen, Scott, Vicky, Jeff, Anne & Tim

Bob, Andrew and I arrived early and went for a small walk to see a train yard on a bridge and upon walking back to the Custom's house, Nadine, Steve, Kathleen and Scott arrived, then Vicky & Jeff arrived. We still needed Anne and Tim to arrive. We walked to another bridge as it was still early and there was a lady wearing shorts and a housecoat standing in some tall weeds praying or doing something, we weren't sure. Nadine decided to check it out to make sure the lady was okay. The lady told Nadine that the Virgin Mary had told her to do what she was doing and then proceeded to ask Nadine for a cigarette. Was this an omen of things to come?

We were all let into the building after 8pm and escorted to a large room in the "house". It is currently being used as a museum. After a brief introduction to Haunted Hamilton and the tools they use we were let free to roam the building and start our investigations. Some of us needed to have a pit stop first and when we came out we started down a dark hallway only to be scared by cousin Jeff who had wandered ahead of the group into a dark room. 1/2 the group took of in different directions, it was mainly Andrew, Bob and I who hung together, mind you we did occasionally bump into the rest of the group on and off during the evening.

It really added to the atmosphere as they had Ouija Boards in some of the rooms lit by candlelight (fake of course). They also had GEORGE a Storyteller come around and tell different ghost stories in the rooms. What ghost hunt isn't complete with a psychic also!!

While coming down from the attic area, I snapped a couple of photo's of Bob, Jeff & Vicky ascending the stairs, my first shot revealed dots, which I thought was dust, except when I took the next shot which was within mere seconds of taking the first shot they were all gone. Hmmm!! Interesting.


Bob and I were in a room with Kathleen with two other onlookers and some weird noise occured after a question.

Andrew, Bob and I sat in a room alone trying to pick up EVP's and we think we actually did!!! Andrew's camera picked up a voice saying NOOOO

The evening ended with a Seance in one of the rooms on the main floor. Watch the following video to see (or should I say HEAR) what happened.

We are looking forward to another Ghost Hunt!!!!!!! Everyone seemed to have a good time!!!

And then on Monday evening as Paranormal State's Season Ender, Ryan from P.S. was replying to a few questions that PARANORMALTV on Twitter had requested people send. Yeppers, I sent in a question AND they chose my question as one of the approx. 10 that were answered. SEE BELOW!!!

Ryan from Paranormal State Replies on Twitter


Sophie said...

Gosh, that does look like a ton of fun! Though the picture thing is a tad scary (now you see them, now you don't!)