Friday, November 18, 2016

Yellow Submarine Painting - Throwback to 2014 :)

I'm baaaack!   Did you miss me?

So I'm just going to post a painting from 2014 - I'm in LOVE with everything about the movie YELLOW SUBMARINE - so back in February 2014 I had a old school window frame my mom purchased for me and had my husband cut out some tiles for me to paint on.   Remember the scene where John, Ringo and George are looking for Paul?  They start opening doors and there is a giant ape grabbing at a lady in bed who is screaming?   I created my own.  LOL.   Stay tuned.  I've been busy over the past two years, I'll try and keep this blog up from now on.   :).    I think over the next little bit I'm going to change it to more artwork, etc...    Stay tuned :)