Sunday, February 26, 2012

Painting & Necklace Storage Idea!

As you know, I LOVE everything to do with the Beatles' YELLOW SUBMARINE!!!    After finding an unfinished table at a local thrift store I knew what I had to do - paint my own Yellow Submarine table!!   I used the colours: lime green, purple, yellow, red & black.   I LOVE IT!!!!!  

Yellow Submarine Table -, Anyone who knows me KNOWS I love anything to do with the Beatles' Yellow Submarine.  After finding an unfinished table @ a local thrift store I knew what I had to do.   Colours used, Lime Green, Purple, Red, Yellow & Black.  I'm in love!!!

Now, I was introduced to the fabulous website  PINTEREST - it is Heaven!!!!!   All the wonderful pictures & ideas.  I was so inspired by the following:

I was looking through photos one day and came across a sign someone had painted that stated something about Dog's Nose Art.   We don't own any dogs, but we do own SIX cats, so I turned to my husband and said I HAVE to paint my own sign.   I located a piece of wood that I had downstairs, again something from a thrift store years ago and couldn't figure out what to paint on it and after seeing the Dog's Nose Art sign, I knew what to paint on it.   Again, I have to use funky colours and paint.   So here is what I painted.  :o)

Cats' Nose Art Painting -, After playing around with Pinterest, I came across a small sign that stated something about Dog's Nose Art - I thought to myself, we don't own dogs, but we do own 6 kitties, so YES, this sign would be perfect.  I'm a colourful person, so I just HAD to paint it with funky colours and a fancy font.  LOVE IT!!!

And again, searching through Pinterest this morning looking for an idea to hang necklaces.  I liked the ideas they had for using picture frames, but I own A LOT of necklaces.  Over the years I have bought, been given as gifts and inherited some gorgeous necklaces, so the picture frame idea was out.   Then it popped into my head - I have a gorgeous rustic ladder I purchased at a yard sale a few years back at my aunt's house.  I fell in love with it when I saw it and decided to place it out on our front porch.  I brought it in and started placing the necklaces on it.  LOOKS AWESOME!!  Yaaaa, my own Pinterest Idea!!!

Necklace Holder Idea -, So, after looking around Pinterest for a good idea on how to store  & hang necklaces, I came up with my own idea.   A rustic ladder.  I have over the years aquired many necklaces, whether it was purchasing, receiving as gifts or inheriting them.   Found this rustic ladder @ a yard sale at my aunt's a few years back which was leaning against a wall in our front porch and it popped into my head today to use it for necklaces, works great!!!