Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Paintings

So, as you know, Halloween is fast approaching. It was coming faster than I was prepared for. In September I started back to painting class and started on a HUGE project, which you will get to see at the end of this blog entry.

In the mean time, with Bob in rehersals for the musical Nunsense along with the show starting, we thought it would be neat if I started whipping up some Halloween decorations myself.

Here is my GHOSTBUSTERS painting I did in an afternoon. :o)

Then came another fun project. I had done some research on the internet for some interesting Skeleton creations and came across these SKELANIMALS.
Here is a kitty I painted.

and a Bunny..........

and a penguin..........

and a mouse and bird.
I have a lot more to paint, but time is running out and so are the scrap wood pieces.
The forecast is calling for rain on Halloween evening along with this week leading up to it, I don't think these pieces of wood will hold up.

On Sunday, October 25th, Bob and I had our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. We had one last year the month after we moved into the house, we had approx. 15 people back then, this year we increased the size to over 21 people.
Bob is in full swing with the Nunsense Play/Musical and the night before a whole bunch of us got together to go and see it at the Port Mansion in St. Catharines, (Interested?? Click the NUNSENSE PLAY/MUSICAL link to see a write-up on the show or click PORT MANSION to go to the Port Mansion Web Site and book tickets to see the show). OH MY GOSH, what a hoot, it was one of the most funniest things I have seen!! A great time was had by all!!!

Because Bob was in the play again on Sunday, that meant I had to hold down for the fort while all our guests arrived. My mom had come over a day before to help me set up all these tables and chairs.
It was a complete success. We had a no-show (as Dave, one of our friends) was tied up with a fire call in Niagara On the Lake .

It was awesome, everyone seemed to bring extra yummies for the party, including this awesome cake creation by our friend Heather. (Heather's husband Xander was in the musical Nunsense with Bob).
Since we knew Bob wouldn't be able to carve a pumpkin on the Pumpkin Carving Party day, him and I worked on our pumpkins the weekend before. This is Bob's pumpkin along with the photo he was going to use.
The unveiling of his pumpkin happened after he returned from the show on the day of the Party.

Here's Bob's pumpkin on the day of the party.

Here is my pumpkin. Yep, I cheated, I painted. lol

Here is the result of the party. Everyone's pumpkins before we OFFICIALLY lit them.

and here they are lit. :o) It was a sight be behold!!!

And finally, here is my project I worked on during painting class. Five us in class worked on our own pieces. My painting is on a huge chunk of wood, I just need to seal it and then I will be able to put it outside for Halloween. :o)
Thanks for looking!
Hope you have an amazing safe, spooky & fun Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

UFO Spotted in Niagara Falls, Ontario, CANADA October 2009

It was reported on the news this morning that some people spotted something incredible above Niagara Falls last night or a few nights ago. Something about a metal shiny thing that hovered, reflected light off it or had lights on it.

ROBERT TANOS - director of ABOVE NIAGARA wants to hear from you.

If you or anyone you know actually saw this thing, please email him at:

Here are some links I found about the sighting this week:

LINK 1 - CLICK HERE - includes video clip

LINK 2 - CLICK HERE - Niagara Falls Review article

LINK 3 - CLICK HERE - Niagara Gazzette article

LINK 4 - CLICK HERE - Lockport Journal article

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This past weekend was a long weekend for us here in Canada - it was Thanksgiving. That means yumba meals, craft sales & sleeping in.

This weekends chefs were Marnie & Mom VanderValk. Each made an amazing meal which was to rave about. Bob and I are really trying to watch our portion sizes and it made it VERY difficult for us to only go with one plate of food but then of course we had to have one of each dessert. I'm truly scared to step on the WII FIT tomorrow morning. I had managed to maintain my weight loss which means I'm stuck at 169 (I've lost 10 lbs).... (aiming to get back down to 152 which is what I was when I met Bob) but with this weekend, I'm sure I've probably shot up 5 lbs. lol Bob's been doing awesome! I think he reported a loss of 20 lbs so far, but I'm sure the dancing he is doing in the musical he is in is contributing to the weight loss.

We were able to hit the Vineland Public School Craft sale. ALWAYS love looking at the creative ideas of others wishing I had a tonne of money to buy everything I see. lol I was good, I only purchased one Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup... last year I think I bought 6 and proceeded to eat every last one while I was wondering around = Upset tummy. :o)

So today was awesome but started out really funny. Slept in and woke up and decided to hit Timmies for a XL Triple Triple. Bob decided since we were going to do through the drive-thru he would just go out in a pair on thermal underwear (which were too small) so he put on some long black socks and tucked the ends of the underwear into them, so I'm sure you can imagine what that looked like. Me, I would normally opt to do that, but for some reason I just put on a pair of jeans, it was cold outside. We started driving and a short while later I could smell something burning, but we had figured some farmer was burning something outside. We got almost to the entrance of Timmies and heard this really bad noise. THUMP THUMP THUMP, Bob pulled to the side of the road and we got out of the car, ugh............. flat tire. Bob grabbed the spare and his little jack and tools and was about to proceed with taking the tire off when a large TIRE TRUCK pulled up (one that frequents the highways looking for Transport Trucks that have flat to sell them a tire and change it for them). He offered to help Bob for free since he had nothing better to do and turned on his large yellow flashing light on the top of the truck. I started laughing as I noticed towards Timmies, the light was attracting attention and everyone was looking over to where we were. LOL There was Bob in all his glory in his thermal underwear HAHAHAHAHAHA Poor baby! :o) THANK GOD I was wearing my jeans. lol I would of froze. We offered to buy the guy a coffee (he had just bought one) and then offered him $5.00 but he refused, I thanked him and wished him a VERY Happy Thanksgiving. He smiled and wished us one too. What an Angel. :o)

Once we returned with our Timmies in hand I decided I wanted to paint a Halloween Decoration.

Here it is:

I REALLY love the Ghostbusters Movie, so I just had to paint a cupboard door with the logo for myself. Bob really likes it too. I love lazy painting days, I don't get too many of those. Bob worked on some stuff for the G-Scale train layout.
HOPE YOU ALL HAD A WONDERFUL LONG WEEKEND TOO (for those of you who were able to celebrate Thanksgiving) :o)

Monday, October 5, 2009


I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!
The Beatle's YELLOW SUBMARINE movie is coming back in 3D!!!!!!
Tell me how cool that is!!!!!!!
Next we need a live theatre show!!!!! That would be majorly incredible!!!!!