Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Newest Projects

Sorry I haven't been around lately to post. I've been busy painting, geocaching and gardening. Thought I would post my newest projects I finished recently.

Above you can see a French Waiter I painted on an old cupboard door. I still have to choose a colour to go around the edge. I think he looks adorable and Bob loves him too. :o)

On Thursday night we had our last painting class for the season until Fall starts up. We took three pots and painted them with bricks, did shading, added windows and doors and voila, a lighthouse. lol We stuck it in the front garden and Bob made a walk-way at the front of it. It's pretty big if you look at the stairs beside it you know it is 5 stairs tall.

Last, but not least, a new addtion to my ETSY store - a mini Yellow Submarine painted Stained Glass Window. Here's the link to my store. http://images.etsy.com/all_images/0/00a/31b/il_430xN.7930075.jpg


Karyn said...

They ALL look great!!!!!