Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Video of a Track Grinder Train - 02-12-2011 - Jordan, Ontario, Canada

Well, darn it all - we had a big snow storm a couple of weeks back and our poor little train set has been covered in deep snow and . Blah! Not even Bob's little shovel can go through it and even if it did, there is ice on the tracks that our locomotive won't stay on the tracks.... (sigh)

Tonight we were huddled upstairs (It was approx. 10:41pm) - Bob was watching TV and I was doing some computer work. We had the fire scanner on (which we have on from time to time). A local call was dispatched to some area volunteer fire stations. It came in as a possible structure fire at Victoria Avenue & the North Service Road in Vineland. Yikes, yesterday was not a very good day for the region as we had a lot of fires (Click Link Here to see the St. Catharines Standard Story DAY OF FIRE, TRAGEDY) not to mention we saw an actual Shed Fire just off of 4th Avenue in St. Catharines when we were coming back from EB Games.    But then as crews were showing up on scene and not seeing anything it was reported as a possible train which had cars derailed, but it was still moving east.   We realized that was coming our direction.   We heard how they might be shutting down Victoria Avenue in Vineland as cars drive underneath a bridge.   We were on the edge of our seats, and then someone came on the scanner saying it was a Rail Grinder.  I looked at Bob and scream "HEY!!! This is our chance to see one!!!"    Without a second thought, we bought grabbed our cameras, put on some shoes, grabbed our coats and ran out to the backyard.  We had to wait approximately 15 minutes, but slowly the train made it's way up the tracks towards St. Catharines and we were able to capture this video.

I feel bad as I was updating my brother when all this was going down (as he is a fire fighter) and I totally left him hanging.   Oops, we heard it was a Rail Grinder and I forgot to send him a message that we were dashing outside, so he was left hanging for 20 minutes until I messaged him again.   Poor guy.  LOL

Wouldn't that be a neat item to have for a G-Scale Track. LOL!!!!!