Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guitar Hero World Tour Party, Heather's Cake & The "Secret" Painting

On Saturday, March 7th from an idea discussed back around New Years Eve - a Guitar Hero World Tour Party was arranged. We decided everyone would dress up as a Musician and we would play the Ninteno Wii game Guitar Hero World Tour. Everyone's costumes were amazing!!!!! We had a blast!

In this photo we have: Angus Young, Joan Jett, Gene Simmons, Kate Pierson, Amy Winehouse & Ringo Starr.

I had a lot of people comment to me about Bob dressing up as Amy Winehouse so here is a close-up. lol Oh, and this is Britney with him. LOL For more information on Britney -- visit THE BRITNEY PROJECT Facebook Club

Backing up to the beginning of the day, Bob and I scrambled around picking up last minute items and cleaning the house. We received a phone call shortly after 4:30 pm from our very good friends Heather & Xander to say unfortunately they would not be able to make it. You see this day was also going to be a last-minute mini birthday party and Heather asked if she could make Bob a cake as she had taken a cake decorating course a couple weeks before. Xander's children were down visiting for the week and they were due to go home to Montreal via a train in Toronto. Not sure about the whole story but somehow the train was missed and the children's mom wanted the kiddies home that evening, so they had to drive all the way to Montreal (approx 7-hour trip one-way). She asked if we could stop by their house and pick up the cake.

In the pouring rain, we headed out to town to pick up the cake. Their doggy Bacon could be heard inside yapping up a storm. lol We let him outside to do some business and we picked up the cake. We were so delighted!!!

Heather did a wonderful job!!!!!!! Everyone raved about how yummy it was later on in the evening.

Now, backing up a week prior, as you know, I was working on a "secret painting". Here it is!

I was painting this for Heather & Xander since they love Super Hero's and their livingroom is basically decorated with Super Hero items!! Since we had to run to town to pick up the cake, we left the painting for them inside the house. Hopefully they will like it!! :o)

Now I have to come up with another painting to work on, I have an idea of what to do, so stay tuned for another painting photo when I have completed it.

This morning we were all woken up by a phone call by Cousin Steve's daughter who needed a ride to work around 8am. Remember, today was the big time change (advance an hour) so we were all groggy. Steve and wife Nadine headed for home as they were hosting a yummy breakfast this morning for all us Musicians --- oh, didn't I tell you? We had a sleep-over. lol We all met up with them including my brother Will and family. YUM YUM!!! Steve (with the help of Marnie) make a yummy breakfast!

We also added new JUMP pictures to Facebook JUMP Group!

Ohhh!! And I heard from the guy I'm buying Bob's "SECRET" present from (He is in California). He actually phoned me at my Mom's house (while we were having a birthday dinner she was having for Bob) where I'm having the present delivered too. He said he went to the post office to find out where the package had disappeared to and they have to try and trace it..... so it might be a few weeks before we find out the result.


SecretMe said...

great guitar hero party loved the gene simmons and amy winehouse guys lol. that caked looked great mmm, and the painting is excellent! ♥